Social Media Marketing


Social Media so much more to our service than simply posting updates and hoping for the best

When people hear the term social media, most of them only think about Twitter and Facebook but social media is much more than this and finding the right social media marketing strategy where you can connect with your customers is the key to success. Social media has become a norm for more than half of the planet population and it’s an effective way for brands to reach new audiences and increase conversions and remarketing.

Key Benefits

Reach New Customers

New Leads & Sales

Retain Customers

Increase Brand Loyalty

Get Instant Feedback

Improve Customer Service

Be Recognised

Increase Brand Equity

Social Media Marketing Services

Take a look at various social media services we offer to learn how iClick Digital can work with you to grow your business.

Startup Social Media Strategy

We help you to design and deliver very first social media strategy from scratch for your brand.

Insight & Analysis

Perform your competitors, industry and social media channels analysis to guide you what is working best for your business.

Accounts Management

We can manage all your social media accounts at one place and post content on social media and reply to your audiences in real time so you never miss any opportunity.

Create & re-brand

Either you need to set up or upscale your existing social media accounts, we can show you how to do this.

Content Creation

Eye catching and shareable content are key to drive engagement and acquire leads on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc.

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social media can help your business to target right audiences according to their likes and interests and build a community around your brand.

Why you should work with us

Our social media avengers have specialized skills and knowledge to deliver a better return on your investment. We have a team of experienced experts in social media marketing with successful track records.


We are fully flexible in offering our bespoke social media services across different industries and business sectors. There is no ‘one size fits all’ and so we do have bespoke solutions to fit businesses of all sizes according to your business requirements and its goals.


We use a mixture of social media listening tools and advanced analytics to find the response of your audience. We also make sure to send you fully customised, easy to understand reports showing you key metrics on page and campaign performance alongside actionable insights and our recommendations and suggestions for the future. We cut through the clutter and only talk about performance and results.



We work as part of your team. Either you can sit back and relax and we will do the whole work for you or you can involve maximizing the impact of your campaigns. We can create and manage fully flexible and bespoke organic and paid social media campaigns to drive your business growth.

Get connected with our social media avengers

Get in touch with us to find out how to take advantage and grow your business on ever changing social media platforms.


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