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We help businesses to achieve goals and increase sales instantly by optimising and managing their display advertising and pay-per-click campaigns

Pay per click advertising, either display advertising or paid social, is an effective way to reach your customers which can’t be reached through other digital marketing channels. Every digital marketing channels have its own limits and millions of people are searching for your products and services online by using different keywords and PPC advertising helps you to put your ads in front of your potential customers across different networks and different devices.  At iClick Digital, best PPC management agency in London, we have experts team to set up and manage your PPC campaigns to maximize return on investment.

Key benefits

Increase Market share


Targeted Traffic



Inbound Marketing

Instant Results

Low Cost

Our PPC services

Take a look at our various PPC services we offer to learn how iClick Digital can work with you to reach your customers.

PPC Audits

We can analyse your existing PPC campaigns and advise you with our expertise how to optimise and achieve better results.

Bing Advertising

Talk to your customers across different devices and locations through bing ads with meaureable performance and low costs.

Google Adwords

Stop wasting your money and reach the right people on the right time and you only pay when customers click on your ad to reach your website.

Social Advertising

Paid campaigns on social media like Facebook and Twitter are more than just posting updates. We know social and we know your customers.

Display Advertising

Take advantage of inbound marketing through display advertising as your brand appear in front of customers when they are searching online with a high purchase intention.


Retargeting helps you reconnect with your customers by showing relevant ads across different devices when your customers leave your website without buying anything.

How can iClick Digital be helpful for your PPC management?

iClick Digital, Pay per Click (PPC) management agency in London have set up high standards of performance against other agencies when it comes to set up, optimise and manage our clients PPC campaigns. Companies have to pay money to bid for different keywords and it require skills and attention to details to make sure we bid and target right keywords so money is not going to waste.


The instant traffic to business website through PPC makes it very attractive digital marketing channel for start-ups and established companies. The PPC team at iClick Digital can make a big difference for a start-up to generate profits fast and make them a success during start-up phase. We have abilities to customise your offers and messages to target specific locations and target markets across different devices.


We offer fully integrated PPC campaigns across different networks with measurable and tangible results and you only pay when you see the results.   All size and type of businesses find success with Pay per Click advertising. Whether you have a brick and mortar business and focused on local calls and foot traffic, or want to draw traffic to your website, iClick Digital has a Pay per Click advertising solutions for your business.

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