SEO Audit


Website health check and complete review for missing metadata, keywords, backlinks and technical errors and recommendations

Checking your website for errors and compiling valuable insights into how your website performs online can be a complicated and time-intensive task, but that doesn’t make it unachievable or impossible. We have the expertise to review your website and give you recommendations to drive traffic to your website.  Search engine optimisation is an important tool in your competition for the first position on the search results pages, and there’s no better way to get a complete understanding of your website than with our SEO audit.

iClick Digital’s SEO audit contains;

Keyword analysis and recommendations

Techical SEO review of your website including broken links and image optimisation

A review of your site’s metadata

Technical analysis of site structure and navigation

An analysis into your competitors’ websites

Opportunities for link building and an understanding of where external links are coming from

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What will happen after the SEO audit

Once we health checks your entire website, we will compile a PDF format file with our easy to understand and jargon free findings and recommendations. In case you are local to Croydon and London, we will arrange a face to face meeting convenient to you to discuss your SEO report.  If this is not possible, we will email you SEO report and would arrange a phone call to explain your SEO report.

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Your data is secure and connection to this website is encrypted. We aim to complete SEO audit report within 5 to 10 working days.