How to Build an Effective Website?

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Being a new website owner sounds exciting but just a website alone is not sufficient to succeed online and you need an effective and impactful website that really converts your visitors into paying customers. If you are planning to design it yourself or your friend and family member is helping you to get one, then you can use one of these online site builders and choose a nice-looking theme, but it would cost you more in the long term and still you would miss lots of important elements and lose out on sales and revenues.

An effective website takes more effort and require online marketing expertise to build. Start by deciding the purpose of the site, sort out a marketing plan, think about your business goal, organize the content, choose relevant graphics but naturally, you will still stay worried about what it would look like and either it is going to work for your business or not. It all seems so boring and scattered, isn’t it? To save your energy, money and effort for the right tasks hiring a professional expert from iClick Digital, Web Design Agency in London will work as a sigh of relief. Leave the website designing and development for the experts so you can focus on your other business’s aspects.


If you want an effective website that really works for your business then you will find these tips helpful:

Devise a framework to better understand your business requirements so your website would give the desired outcome.
• What you want to achieve (Business Goals)
• Potential visitors and their needs (Target Market)
• How to convert the visitors into customers
• Marketing strategy

A plan in place would help you in tracking the site development’s progress.


Website Software:
A website cannot build without a domain and software. Make sure that you have bought the right domain from reputable domain service providers according to your business type. Websites’ software is also based on your business type and marketing objectives. For example, for an e-commerce website with the online payment method you need to go for Open Cart, Word Press or Magento. Once the website launches it also needs scheduled maintenance and / or hosting services to keep it running. You should get all these details and costs in hand before making a decision. It’s okay to ask your web design agency if you are not sure about anything. It is their sole responsibility to make you aware of all these technicalities so you will not be surprised for any change or surprises that occur in future. It is highly recommended to ask everything in writing including initial costs and renewal costs before agreeing to buy and making any payment.


Design & Development:
Now as you have planned to get the website built make sure that you discuss all the requirements with the developers’ team or the company you have hired. A good developer will always show you few layout sample from which you can choose for your own website. Give them a time-line to send back the design, test version so the next phase of design and coding could start.


Keep it simple:
Keep your website simple because making it complicated will reduce the chances of conversion. The site should have attractive colors, graphics and quality content but make sure that the visitors do not get distracted due to fancy images, innovative navigation, and lots of irrelevant animation.
Attract your visitors to buy your product or use your services, do not send them away.


Clear Communication:
Every page on your site should be clear and unmistakable. The pages’ titles, headers, description, and relevant links should be easily accessible for the visitor. Most importantly, the use of graphics and text should be relevant and not just for filling the gaps.


User-friendly Navigation:
The site navigation system should be simpler so the customer will not confuse. If needed the design could include navigation list, search box, relevant links, or images. A visitor will be happier to explore the site if every information is easily accessible.


Social Media Links:
Any website seems incomplete if it does not show the links of Social Media pages. The relevant social media pages’ links should be available at the top right or bottom right of your website. Most importantly, the social media pages should be available so once user clicks on it they’ll be redirected to the relevant page.


Blogs, News, and Updates:
Keep the visitors and customers updated about any new happenings in your business via blogs, important updates, or any relevant news. That is the best way to stay connected and engaged with your customers.


Conversion Optimisation:
If you have an e-commerce website then ensure to offer a perfect and error free check-out process to the customers. The fields that are necessary to make the secure online payment must be available in the plain language and jargon free. Too much inquiry could finish the customers’ interest and they can leave your website without buying anything.


Search Engine & Key-Words Friendly:
Building a search engine friendly site is as same as building a user-friendly site. This means use meaningful URLs, page titles, headers, image captions, interlinking, page speed, site speed, image optimisation and so on. Offer keyword rich content and ensure to keep your keywords prominent. Make sure that lots of internal text links are in place for the crawlers to follow. Also, remember to add two sitemaps on your website, one for visitors and another one for search engines.